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Something Old. Something New.

All of our rushing around – trying to squeeze 28 hours into the day - may explain why we are so drawn to handmade, artisanal products.  As illustration, Etsy sold $1.85 billion of handmade goods in 2013. It just feels soothing to turn to beautiful things that have a personal touch; timeless products made in traditional ways.

I love it when someone says “I love your patterns!  They remind me of ….”   Nostalgia.  Affectionate memories.  Happy associations.  

I scuba-dived all over the world for years, and never lost the dream of seeing a real mermaid. Seeing mermaids (and mermen) on sheets always brings a smile.

Trekatte patterns bring happy associations. Memories that don’t fade with repeated washings. 

How this all started.

For about 30 years I have worked professionally in the world of international development and humanitarian response.  Over those years the whole world of social media emerged and now everyone hears about everything right away. Even so, I managed to avoid tweets and blogs and interviews and some such.  It just wasn't my comfort zone. The only thing I joined right away was Pinterest because of the ideas and images.  It was a perfect place to nurture my creative side.  For all these years I have also been a textile designer and artist, printing by hand using silk screens and dyes.  It was a big leap to take the fork in the road and make my pattern ideas into a business.  It's also a big leap to start blowing my horn.  It's time to talk about Trekatte though.  I will always be involved in humanitarian work and social change, and I will always be a designer.
November 01, 2014

Hot Pink

While living Dallas as a young girl, my parents remodeled our house. One of the final touches included included a new refrigerator that my father had meticulously covered in a wild red white & blue contact paper - very seventies.  You would never have suspected that he only listened to classical music.  My mother then added to the mix when she bought two beautiful shocking pink sofas for the living room. Those sofas were fantastic. I have never seen fabric like that since - the image here is just a reminder of the colors and not an actual sample. I still don't know what I think about the refrigerator.  
Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Trekatte is introducing a line of colorful and whimsical printed bedding to the world of home furnishings.  Of course, solids and neutrals have their place, but I say Have Fun in Bed! 

It's fruit!

Trekatte Blueberries"Blueberries" was Trekatte's first pattern.  Early on, my best friend and I decided to show some samples to a boutique in Dallas that we JUST KNEW would be a perfect fit.  Imagine our dismay when the staff person said with wide eyes . . . ."but . . . it's FRUIT!"  Well, we did not have a sale there that day, and shortly thereafter Garnet Hill came out with their own blueberry pattern.  They could not have known of my design nor I of theirs; they are not at all similar. Still, it was a great affirmation to me that FRUIT is just a fine idea for bedding. Since that moment in Dallas the blueberry sheets have become our best seller.  We expect they will remain so - though - with the mermaid sheets now available, it will be a toss up. Lions, Blueberries and Mermaids OH MY!  

September 23, 2014