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It's fruit!

Trekatte Blueberries"Blueberries" was Trekatte's first pattern.  Early on, my best friend and I decided to show some samples to a boutique in Dallas that we JUST KNEW would be a perfect fit.  Imagine our dismay when the staff person said with wide eyes . . . ."but . . . it's FRUIT!"  Well, we did not have a sale there that day, and shortly thereafter Garnet Hill came out with their own blueberry pattern.  They could not have known of my design nor I of theirs; they are not at all similar. Still, it was a great affirmation to me that FRUIT is just a fine idea for bedding. Since that moment in Dallas the blueberry sheets have become our best seller.  We expect they will remain so - though - with the mermaid sheets now available, it will be a toss up. Lions, Blueberries and Mermaids OH MY!  

September 23, 2014